10 Jun '15
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DIY Shutter Release Cable for the X-T1

In the past few days I put my brand new Fujifilm X-T1 to the test with long exposure landscapes, I bought an adaptor ring to use the Lee Big Stopper on the Samyang 12mm f/2 CS lens, put the camera on my trusty Manfrotto BeFree tripod, and did some photos at sunset. All good aside from one tiny, very annoying, issue. I’m stuck at maximum 30 seconds exposure, as the camera without a shutter release cable can go further than that, and to be honest I don’t know a single digital camera that allows you more than 30  seconds without the bulb mode.
The Fuijfilm iPhone apps works fine, but it has the same issue, you can’t go further than those 30 seconds.
I had a threaded cable, the one you screw in the button, which I used a couple of times on the X-E1, but the shutter button of the X-T1 doesn’t allow to use it.
I have a wireless remote trigger, but it’s for Canon and obviously you cannot connect it to the Fuji.
I’ve ordered a cheap remote on ebay from China, but if I’m lucky I’ll get it in a couple of weeks.
So the only solution is DIY, and to make an homemade, freshly baked, shutter release cable is easier than you think.

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02 Jun '15
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May 2015 in photos

Last month it was quite productive, beside the photos I took in Denmark (which are not that many btw), I got excited with the brand new Fuji X-T1 and I took plenty of random photos, and the more I use it, the more I love that little camera. If I get some extra money in the next month or two I might spend some money and get a good ultra wide angle lens or maybe a good fast prime lens, and I'll leave the heavy duty Canon 6D at home when I travel.
And before I'll forget again (as I meant to say it on the previous post), good job Ireland with the win for the Yes for the marriage equality referendum!
Anyway, hopefully I'll have a couple of post in the next days, but for the moment take a look on some of the random photos I took last month, and if you want to see the full set, please click here.


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26 May '15
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Goodbye X-E1. Hello X-T1!

Since last year, when Fujifilm lent me an X-T1 for a couple of weeks to review it, I wanted one for myself. The X-E1 was a great camera, I really had fun with it and I took many great shot with that camera, but the X-T1 is simply a (big) step above, the viewfinder is simply magnificent, the AF is very good (not as good as a DSLR, but very good for a mirrorless), and I simply loved the ergonimic of that camera, all those dials on the top, where I can set everything I need without going to any menu, it was just perfect.
But a mirrorless for me it's a second body, a camera that I don't want to spend millions on it, as I've already have a DSLR with plenty of good (and expensive) lenses. It's a camera I use when I want to have fun, or that I carry with me all the times, but when I need serious stuff I go back to my trusty Canon 6D. But in the past year I started to reconsider that concept. Is really that better a DSLR? Well, in some fields you can't really replace it, like for gigs or events, when I need a good focusing system and very good performances at High ISO, or even for portraits when those 4MP extra are handy and when you have a nice shallow depth of field that you cannot simply get on an APS-C sensor. But for other fields, like street photography or landscapes, when you don't need those top notch performances, is it really that better?

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15 May '15
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April 2015 in photos

The reason why this post is so late this month is very simple: I didn't have time to develop the pictures I took last month, as I had to finish first the one I took during my trip in Scotland. But to be fair April wasn't a very productive month, actually I think it was one of the less, if not the most unproductive month in the past few years. But unfortunately my passion for photography is not as constant as I would, I have my highs and lows, and last month was a definitely a low. Anyway, thank to a nice day trip with some friends to the Wicklow Mountains, and few shots I took while I was going to work, I have a few nice shots to show you. Hopefully next month will be more productive!


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15 Apr '15
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March 2015 in photos

Yeah I know, it’s been a while since my last post, but the past few weeks have been mad for me. First me and my lovely girlfriend went for a trip in Scotland for 5 days, where we travel across the scottish Highlands, Isle of Skye, Glencoe, and few other places, but I’ll write a post about it in the near (hopefully) future. Then after we came back we spent two weeks moving to a new home, and it was one of the most stressful things I’ve done in my life. I realized only then how much s**t I collected in the past 7 years, I sold some stuff, I left behind some other, and throw away a ton of stuff, but still I was left with a billion of boxes, and as the new place is much smaller than the previous house (but it’s all ours now), it was like to play a real life tetris to find a place for everything. Then it was quite stressful at work as well as we had s**t to deliver, plus other small things, and only now I have, finally for God’s sake, some spare time.
Anyway, apart Scotland, last month, as you can easily figure out, I didn’t really find that much time to spend in photography, but I have some photos to share anyway, not many and not my best ones, but better than nothing, right? As usual the full set is right here, while down here some of the best ones. Comments are always more than welcome :-)

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