28 Jun '13
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Time for a new server?

Nerdy moment: I think it's time for a new server. A little guy from far away says "why you don't buy just an external hard drive Alessio?". Because it's not enough. Just to make it clear, I have 3 external hard drives for my first backup, where one is for a general backup, one is for the last year of photos, and one is for all the photos, plus I have an HP microserver (which sound a very expensive thing, but it is not) where it holds 4 hard drives, for a total of 7TB, and where I have a second general copy of all my photos, and this is the current situation of my server space:

93% /media/Tethys
78% /media/Photos2
79% /media/Phoebe
99% /media/Photos

As you can see they are pretty full, and bear in mind that I still have to copy the photos I took in the last month. Another voice from far away says "But why you don't delete the rubbish photos, stuff that you never developed, or that you don't care?". Already done my friend, already done...
So I think it way about time to buy a new server, or at least to replace one of the hard drives with a 3TB hard drive, but it's a temporary solution, so I prefer to, how we say in italy, cut the bull's head, and I'm probably going to buy the newer version of the server I'm using at the moment, which is the HP Proliant Microserver N54L, which I can find if for a little bit over 200 euro, and it's a really good machine.
I know, some of you are thinking "I don't really care... show us more photos!". I'll do, but I'm still working on old photos, and for the moment I don't have anything to show you, apart my beautiful girlfriend:

Hopefully tomorrow I'll find the force to get the fuck out and go to take some snaps, so stay tuned!

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