15 Jul '13
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Sutton to Howth Walk

A week ago, myself, my girlfriend and a few friends, probably confused by the irish heatwave like moths when they see any source of lights, we decided to do a nice, but quite long (or at least for me) walk, from Sutton train station to Howth, doing to south coastal walk.
Obviously after 100 meters we started to complain, especially because it was pretty warm, even for a bunch of italians well used to higher temperatures. But despite the length of this walk, as it took three hours to get to Howth, it has been a beautiful experience, that showed to us, once again, how beautiful is this city, especially when it's not covered by the clouds. Obviously I had my camera, and obviously I took some photos, and even if the light wasn't the best for me, as for me the best moment is during the golden hour, I brought home some decent shots.
So, dear tourists, if you come to Dublin, and you spend your days only in Temple Bar, and then you come back to your home your saying that there is nothing to see in Dublin, well, next time try to move your bleeding arses rather than seat on a bloody fake "traditional" pub downtown.

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