03 Mar '15
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February 2015 in photos

Here we are with our monthly appointment with my "random" photos, the ones who doesn't belong to a specific event, like a gig or a trip to somewhere.

February it was short but decently productive, not mad busy, as I had only a gig (but as you probably noticed I don't do many gigs anymore, for reasons that one day I'll explain), and I had the chance to go out for a sunrise shooting, but the day is starting earlier everyday, and it's not as easy as in December where you could get up quite "late" for photographs at the sunrise.
Anyway, there's not much else to say, apart showing some of the best random photos I took last month, and to link to the full set on my flickr account.


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04 Oct '14
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September 2014 in photos

I know, I know, I did write only one post last month, shame on me! But it has been an odd month for me. Unfortunately I had to find a new job as the company I've been working for the past 6 and half years closed down, so I had to concentrate to find a new job soon, then I had a long pile of photos to develop, mostly the ones I took in Iceland, and a photoshoot I had to do for an argentinian artists (which I'm going to talk soon). I had to skip my monthly appointment in august because apart from the photos I took in Iceland, I didn't shoot anything else that month, and I'm going to publish the pictures I took on my trip on a specific post, when I'll find the time to write it, as it's going to be a looooong one (I shot about 5500 photos in two weeks!).
Anyway, for September I've some new random photos, and some of them are part of my photo project "Commute" which I wrote about previously, and now I've create a specific section on my brand new website for that specific project.
Down here you can see some of the best photos I took in September, and as usual feel free to leave any comments/critiques or even to say "Hello" or "Ciao" :-)

Grand Canal Docks

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02 Feb '14
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January 2014 in photos

The most depressing month of the year is gone, finally. I spent the first week being sick. I had plans for that week, as I was off, great plans, but I had to stay on bed with a bleeding flu. On the music photography side, apart the cool photo shoot I did a couple of weeks ago with The Academic and the portraits for the Choice Music Prize 2013, I did nothing. No gigs, no fun. But, agian and thankfully, January is gone.
The only fun I had was testing my brand new camera, and I recently bought a couple of old manual lenses (but I'll talk about them in another time), and I took some photos with that, and I I took a couple of cityscapes with my beloved 6D. So, here we are with the photos I took last month, which you can find them on my flickr account as well, I hope you'll enjoy them, and feel free to leave a comment or a critique.

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24 Jan '14
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December 2013 in photos

In the past year I started to take a few random photos, mostly street stuff, and put them into a set every month, pictures that probably wouldn't be related to anything specific like a travel, or a photo shoot or a gig. It's not an attempt to do any 365 project, as I know I would never be able to be that consistent, and rather than commit to something that, I know, I would never be able to accomplish, I prefer to do something less "demanding". And while in the past I didn't really pay that much attention to these sets, leaving these photos in some sort of limbo, now I want to give them a bit more exposure, and I'll try to post every month the picture I took in the previous month.
I kinda already started to do that in the past, but what I'll try to be consisted and post something every month.
Anyway, even if we are nearly at the end of January, I'll post the shots I took back in December, they are not many, and they are mostly made to test my brand new "portable" camera, the Fuji X-E1.
As usual, feel free to leave a comment with critics or even to say hello :-)


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01 May '13
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Random street photos

While I'm working on tonite's pictures of the artist Passenger, I wanted to publish these two random photos I took while I was going to Vicar St. Sometimes it's amazing how a picture, took in a fraction of a second, without thinking that much, and with a bit of post processing, can turn into something really interesting, or at least for me (and my girlfriend).
What do you think about these two photos? Are they good or are they completely shite?