05 Jun '14
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May 2014 in photos

I've been pretty silent on the blog in the past weeks, but in my defence I can say that I spent one week at home in Italy, and when I'm there I don't generally spend more than 5 minutes on the laptop, I just don't have the time for doing anything, apart relaxing or doing the usual things like:

  • Meeting relatives
  • Meeting parents
  • Eating
  • Go to my GP
  • Buy things (this time I bought a new pair of specs)
  • Sneezing (in May my hey fever is pretty bad down there)
  • Pet my (girlfriend) cats and dogs
  • Eating again
  • Being sick because I ate too much

So as you can see, I just didn't have any time left to write on the blog. Then the following week was just pretty depressing due to lack of sun and I just wasn't in the right mood, and the fact that the hunt for a new home is not going anywhere it doesn't help.
Anyway, despite that last month it was pretty preductive photography-wise, and I have tons of photos, especially from Italy where I took some from one of my favourite summer places, Sirolo, and some other from a small but beautiful village close to where I live in Italy, called Palazzo, for an exhibition I'm going to do with other photographers this summer about the village itself.
I'm  not going to publish all the pictures in this post, as there are too many, but just the best ones. But if you want to see all of them, you can click here to see the photos I took in Dublin, here for the ones in Italy, and here the specific set for the village of Palazzo.

Sirolo, Italy
Sirolo, Italy


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