12 Jan '14
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Some of my photos before and after Photoshop

Once again I'm here to remark how important is post production in photography. I really can't stand people who claims that photos shouldn't be retouched from what is the "reality", term used by people with no background in photography to assume that what they shot with their expensive-but-still-in-auto-mode camera it represents the "real life". Once again, it is not. Reality it's the perception of what your senses comunicate to your brain, and most of the times what I call "blue" it might not be blue to someone else.
Someone blames Photoshop to have "altered" photography from what it originally was, but once again they just proved their lack in this matter, as even back to film photography there were tricks to edit photos, a lot of iconic photos that anybody knows from some of the most famous photographers were "edited", and if you are shaking your head and you still don't believe me, please take a read on this article on PetaPixel.com. What Photoshop did was only to make life easier to photographers, as digital sensor did in the past decade, it made photography more accessible to the masses.
Now, I want to make it clear that I don't want to sound like the guy who says "we'll fix it in post" all the times, that's wrong as well.
Photos must be well composed, well exposed and with the right settings from the very beginning, it's not a matter of press the button randomly and then fix it later. You should always think twice, at least, and check everything before pressing the shutter button.
So, as many of my friends, acquaintances, colleagues and others keep asking how I make my pictures, and because someone belive that it's just a matter to have the right camera, while it's clearly not, and actually behind some of my best photos there's always plenty of work made behind the screen of my computer, I wanted to show you how some of my best shots look like straight from the camera, with no post production and how they look after Photoshop / Lightroom, just move your mouse over the photos to slide between the before and after.

Before After
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23 Nov '13
20 Nov '13
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12,29 euro for Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5!!

That's a super bargain guys, infact for a limited time, until december 2nd 2013, you can get the bundle with Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 for only 12,29 euro. Finally a fair price, even if only for two weeks. Maybe it's some sort of mass apologize after the disaster of the hackers who stole the details of 150 millions of users from their server? Who knows. Anyway, the only downside for this offer is that you have to subscribe for at least one year, but if you need these two software, I don't think it's a big deal, and as long as  you renew this subscribtion, the price will remain the same. Not bad, not bad at all!
Anyway, if you want to subscribe to this amazing offer, click here!


The deal has been extended till the 8th of december!

UPDATE 2 - 11/12/13

Well, apparently Adobe wants to keep this offer going, as now it's extended till the 31st december.

18 Sep '13
22 Aug '13