06 Sep '15

Photo Release: Sam Smith

I found this contract on the internet, and the first question I had was: "Who the hell is Sam Smith?". The I read this contract well, and apart the usual bullshit, the point number 5 really catch my attention. So essentially after the Taylor Swift's case, PR & bands managements, rather than prefer the "do the right thing" way and start to talk to photographers how to find a solution that it's fair for everyone, they went to the opposite way, so now they are asking to the photographers not only to sign that shit contract, but they are not even allowed to talk about it.
These people clearly don't know what the "Streisand effect" is.

02 Jul '15

Photo Release: Foo Fighters

I love Foo Fighters since their debut in the 90s, I think they are a great live band, and it's one of those bands that I would really like to photograph.
Unfortunately between my desire to photograph and the band, there is a big wall represented by the photo release you see down here, which is one of the shittiest you can find if you are a music photographers, so unless they change their mind, I'll never photograph a Foo Fighters live show. Sorry Dave, but I can't really accept this contract, nobody should accept this, and I don't really undestand why a person like you ask to photographers this shitty release.

(source: washingtoncitypaper.com)

18 Jun '15

Photo Release: Beck

I used to like him, I did really like his first couple of albums and I thought he was cool, but then scientology first, and the photo release down here completely flipped my opinion about this artists.
Don't go to photograph his gigs, stay at home and watch a movie instead, much better.

30 Apr '14
26 Feb '14