23 Apr '15
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Europe @ Olympia Theatre

When it comes to pick a gig to photograph, the gig must have one of these two requisites:

  1. It’s a band that I really like and I really want to see them live
  2. It’s a band that I don’t care much but I know it’s gonna be great to photograph

Well, Europe probably don’t fall in the first option, even though I really liked “The Final Countdown”, which is probably the most hated song by the band itself, but the only one I know of this swedish band (I’m sorry Joey Tempest). I don’t know any other songs by them, just that one, and I know that’s the only song they are NOT going to play at their gigs. But it’s definitely a band that fall in the second area, and when it comes to bands from the 80s, you never fail.
They love lights, they love to play it loud, they love to act as superstars on stage, and Joey Tempest is definitely a master on that. I think he could write a book of how to act on stage, which poses to do, which facial expressions to do, his performances are extremely theatrical, and that’s exactly what a music photographer wants from a rock star.
That’s what I was expecting before the gig started, and that’s exactly what I got on stage, possibly even more than what I was expecting, and obviously the resulting photographs are absolutely brilliant, and I really like the shots I took that night.
Don't take it wrong, I'm not saying that Europe are just good at acting, they are actually a cracking band to see on stage, even if like me, you know only one song of them, totally worth it to see them live if you really want to see a good rock'n roll show as they used to do back in the 80s.
So, as I said, you never fail with 80s rock bands.
As usual down here there are some of the best shots, while here you can find the full set :-)



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05 Apr '14
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Paolo Nutini @ Olympia Theatre

After two gigs of punk-pop-rock-whatever I went to photograph something different, still pop, but with a much different mood: Paolo Nutini.
To be honest I didn't know a single song about this artist, I knew the name, I knew it was some sort of pop singer, and I thought he had good chances to have good lights and to be a good gig to photograph. I just heard a few songs a couple of hours before going to the gig, and while it's not exactly my cup of tea, I definitely can't call him a commercial "product", even if it's music it's pretty popular (especially between the gentle sex) he is a proper Artist, with capital A.
Light wise it was a bit less bright than what I expected, but still a very good gig to shoot. Obviously the main lights were pointed on him, but I can't say that the rest of the band was left in the shade, they were pretty well lit as well, maybe the only problem I can say is the fact that Paolo Nutini had two very warm spotlights pointed at him and I had to play a bit on Lightroom to make him less "warm" (I know that all the girls would like to say "hot").
Anyway, overall it's a really good artist to photograph, decent lights, and no photo release to sign, despite his popularity, which is always a really good thing.
Down here you can find some of the best shots, while here you can find the full set.

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30 Mar '14
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All Time Low @ Olympia Theatre

I could possibly copy and paste most of the text I wrote for Fall Out Boy, as the two bands share a lot of similarities, and once again the formula (pop-rock bands = loads of lights) is confirmed. What is different maybe is the attitude of the band, with All Time Low the fact that these bands sometimes are mostly like a bag of chips, a product to sell to a specific range of customers AKA fans, even if these subjects think, in my opinion, that they are "alternative", they do as a can of Pepsi is alternative to one of Coke.
Anyway, that's the show business and I'm not here to talk about the (lack of) ethic.
So, as a photographer it was a really good show to photograph, possibly they had even more lights of Fall Out Boy, as at some point I could shoot at f/2.5 and 1/1000 of a second as an example, which is pretty bright in my opinion, and I think a few times I set the shutter speed at even faster speeds, like 1/1600, and this doesn't happen often at gigs.
But even if the numbers of four stars photos (where 2 stars is decent, 3 is good, 4 is extremely good and 5 is perfect, but I probably give 5 stars to my pictures once a year) were more than the Fall Out Boy, I still think the other gig was better in some way.
Anyway, All Time Low are a very good band to photograph and if you can take the chance to snap them, even if you don't like their music, but if you are 25 yo or older like me, unless you are a priest, be prepare to feel extremely old compared to average age of the audience, which is around 12 yo, and a good 95% were girls, which can scream way louder than the band.
So, down here some of the best photos I took that night, but as always you can find the full set on my flickr account.
Thanks for reading.

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26 Mar '14
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Fall Out Boy @ Olympia Theatre

After three gigs shot almost in the dark, last week I finally saw the light with Fall Out Boy!
Ok lets make it clear from the start: their music is not my pair of socks, I'm probably too old for that kind of music, and I felt very old at the venue as the average age of the audience was probably 18. But, despite the fact that generally I wouldn't listen more than two songs of these guys, they are a really good band live, and what's more important for me, they are great to photograph.
In fact the reason I went to this gig was primary because I knew it couldn't be a dark one. Young (well not that much as the bassist is one year older than me) bands that play pop music is a guarantee of good lights, and I wasn't wrong as I got tons of lights.
I also have to say that last week I shot three gigs in a row, and they were all well lit, but I had to say that the Fall Out Boy ones was probably the most interesting to photograph for me.
There's nothing else to add from the photography point of view as it was a top notch gig for lights, very well lit, the band members move a lot on stage and they are pretty dynamic on stage, and it was just perfect for me.
Also there were no photo release bullshits to sign, which is another bonus, especially for bands of this level.
So, down here you can find some of the best photos I took that night, and on my flickr account you can find the pretty populated set (45 photos!!).

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19 Mar '14
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Metronomy @ Olympia Theatre

There are some gigs where you already know how they are going to be far before you even get to the venue, like pop bands 99% of the times you know they will be well lit. And that was the feeling I had before going to photograph Metronomy. Well they are not that pop obviously,  but I was pretty sure it was going to be a great gig to photograph, but unfortunately I was wrong this time.
And Metronomy were one of the bands I really wanted to see this year, I had high expectations from their live show, and while I can certainly say that they are a really good band. If you spent money to see this guys on stage, you will definitely not going to be disappointed for that, and to be fair if seen from your bare yes it looks really good, it's visually interesting, but if you have to photograph them it's a problem, especially because we have only the first three songs to shoot them, and let me tell you, on the first two songs, apart from some initial spotlights on the frontman while he was playing the piano, I thought someone forgot to turn on the lights, or at least there were some technical problems. Things got better on the third song, but just by a notch.
At the end of the day I manage to bring home only 19 good shots, which is a low number for my standards, and nothing with that "wow" factor that I got from other gigs like Chvrches or The 1975.
So, really good live band, but just okay to photograph for me.
Down here some of the "best" shots I took that night, and as usual you can find the full set on my flickr account.


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