15 May '15
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April 2015 in photos

The reason why this post is so late this month is very simple: I didn't have time to develop the pictures I took last month, as I had to finish first the one I took during my trip in Scotland. But to be fair April wasn't a very productive month, actually I think it was one of the less, if not the most unproductive month in the past few years. But unfortunately my passion for photography is not as constant as I would, I have my highs and lows, and last month was a definitely a low. Anyway, thank to a nice day trip with some friends to the Wicklow Mountains, and few shots I took while I was going to work, I have a few nice shots to show you. Hopefully next month will be more productive!


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07 Jan '14
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My best photos of 2013, part II: Landscapes & Street

Here we are with the second part of my Best Of, and in this post will be loaded of landscapes, taken around here in Ireland, and a few from Creete, and some from home, in Italy. There are even a few from Connemara that I never published on the blog, alonside from cityscapes / street photography, something I really enjoy to do, even if most of the people I meet on the streets things I'm a weirdo or I'm trying to steal their souls. So, I hope you will enjoy them and if you want to give your opinion, please leave a message in the comments box at the bottom of the page ;-)


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25 Jun '13
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Different pictures from the same places

Well, as I said, my few days in Italy were quite unproductive, and as I said, many plans but did nothing. To be fair I've a lot of nice pictures of the my girlfriend's family and our pets, but I'm still working on them. But that isn't the topic for this post, but instead I wanted to show you some pictures I took in the past two weeks, but as I can't find new places to photograph, these pictures were taken in the same places I went at the begin of this month: Pigeon Road and Grand Canal Dock.
I'm not 100% convinced about these shots, but to be fair I'm rarely happy with my shots.
Anyway, do any of you would like to suggest me some new places to photograph? Any ideas? Please leave a comment below if you know some cool places around Dublin.

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06 Jun '13
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June Bank Holiday: Part II

Here we are with the second part of my weekend spent with my camera. You are already excited isn't it? Anyway, let me go through this thing, I've done a part one and now I can't just skip the second part. So, Sundayyy!
On that day my girlfriend has to work for a few hours in Malahide, so I decided to be a nice boyfriend, and I went there to take some photos, so when she finished I was there, but before that, I wondered around that area trying to find something interesting to snap. Originally I meant to go to a point, not too far away from the town centre, where I could see the bridge that connect Malahide and Donabate, which it looks pretty interesting to photograph, but unfortunately that point is in a private area, so I had to give up.

Then I was hoping to get some nice long exposure in the sea, but with the low tide there were nothing really interesting to photograph, well, at least not like I wanted, and after a few shots like these ones...

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04 Jun '13
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June Bank Holiday: part I

This bank holiday has been pretty productive to me, as my girlfriend was working for the whole weekend, I have plenty of time to spend with my other love: photography. But going back a couple of days, on thursday I tried, again, to photograph a thing, that's the best word I can come up. It's a wall on the beach, in Sydney Parade (which it sounds like a place in Australia, but, big surprise, it's here in Dublin), and I dunno why they build it, for what reason, or who did it, but for me it's just a cool wall in the water.
If you want to go to see this place, here is the map:

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I tried to photograph it plenty of times, and I always got there with the low tide, all the fuckin times, and with the low tide that thing is pointless to photograph for me, even this time I tried, but it just doesn't work, it's not more than a "meh", so at the end the result, apart one single shot, was to photograph everything else but that wall.

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