17 Feb '15
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A travel guide to Iceland

After months that I’ve been trying to write a post about my trip to Iceland I’ve done in August (yes, August, six months ago), I’ve to declare my defeat: I can’t do it. Two intense weeks of travels, where we drove 3980km in one of the most outstanding place I’ve ever been in my life it’s not easy. I tried a couple of times, and actually some parts of this article come from my previous attempts, but this time I’m not going to even try to write those two weeks in one post. It’s clearly impossible, well, maybe not impossible, but I might end up with a huge post that probably most of you will stop reading far before reaching the end of it.
So, that’s the plan: this post it’s going to be a sort of travel guide, giving you an overview of the trip I’ve done, the odd things I’ve encountered in Iceland, things to do and to not to do, and how to be prepared if you want to go to visit this incredible country.
Now, let’s get started.

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04 Apr '14

Eye of the Storm

It's been a while since the last time I posted a timelapse, but as I planned, a trip in Iceland this summer I had to watch as much videos of Iceland I could find, and this one is pretty impressive, shot between february and march during a massive X-class solar flare and coronal mass ejection hitting the atmosphere of our lovely planet, it shows how spectacular and powerful can be mother nature, and thankfully landscape photographer and filmmaker Henry Jun Wah Lee didn't use any Sigur Ros song, unlike the other 99,9% of timelapses about Iceland.

07 Apr '13

Beautiful timelapse of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland

Back in the 2010 most of European airports were forced to shut down due to the eruptions of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland. Hundreds of thousands of people probably hated this bloody volcano, and I'm one of them, as they couldn't go home or in holidays. But there is someone who have seen an opportunity on this, and one of them is Sean Stiegemeier, who managed to close enough to the volcano and shoot this amazing timelapse.