10 Jun '15
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DIY Shutter Release Cable for the X-T1

In the past few days I put my brand new Fujifilm X-T1 to the test with long exposure landscapes, I bought an adaptor ring to use the Lee Big Stopper on the Samyang 12mm f/2 CS lens, put the camera on my trusty Manfrotto BeFree tripod, and did some photos at sunset. All good aside from one tiny, very annoying, issue. I’m stuck at maximum 30 seconds exposure, as the camera without a shutter release cable can go further than that, and to be honest I don’t know a single digital camera that allows you more than 30  seconds without the bulb mode.
The Fuijfilm iPhone apps works fine, but it has the same issue, you can’t go further than those 30 seconds.
I had a threaded cable, the one you screw in the button, which I used a couple of times on the X-E1, but the shutter button of the X-T1 doesn’t allow to use it.
I have a wireless remote trigger, but it’s for Canon and obviously you cannot connect it to the Fuji.
I’ve ordered a cheap remote on ebay from China, but if I’m lucky I’ll get it in a couple of weeks.
So the only solution is DIY, and to make an homemade, freshly baked, shutter release cable is easier than you think.

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03 Jun '15
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First shots with the Fuji X-T1 and the Lee Big Stopper

As I'm trying to use my sparkling new Fuji X-T1 as my main camera for when I travel, I'm trying to test it to use it in various scenarios, and one of the them is long exposures. So last week I bought from my trusty shop (Connscameras btw), the 67mm adaptor ring, so I could mount my Lee Big Stopper on the tiny Samyang 12mm f/2 lens (which I reviewed a while ago and I think it's a little great lens), the only landscape lens I have for the moment for the Fuji X System, I tried this weeked to go out and take photos, but the outcome hasn't been great, not because of the gear, but because I had shi... awful light and the place wasn't that great either.
Btw, in that occasion I did try again my other ND filter, the Light Craft Workshop Fader ND Mk II (and part 2), which is great if you only shoot from 35mm and over, but completely crap under 35mm. I wanted to give him a second chance, I thought that maybe with a smaller lens that uses a smaller section it filter, it might work.
No, it doesn't, it's still a piece of crap, don't buy it if you want to use it with ultra wide lenses.

Anyway, so I got the lens adaptor, and the only thing I miss now is a remote for long exposures beyond the 30 seconds limit. I thought I could use the iPhone app for that, but unfortunately even in bulb mode, the app has a limit of 30 seconds. I guess it's kinda tricky to have a stable connection for long times and it might be buggy, but it would be a very nice feature to have on what otherwise would be a very eccellent app.

Dublin Docklands

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26 Jun '14
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Fuji X-T1 Review

A month ago I posted an article regarding my impression of the Fujifilm X-T1 as a viable camera for music photographers, so some of you are probably going to think “why he’s doing a second review on the same camera?”. Well, since I got that camera in my hands, I had two questions in my mind. The first one was to know if that camera could  potentially replace my DSLR for live music photography, and the second was to see how this camera is good for general shooting, so that’s why I want to make two articles, because the first one was specifically driven by the first question, if that was a good camera for music photographers, a very specific field of use, while this article I’m going to show if this camera is a good camera for the average Joe.

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10 May '14
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Is the Fuji X-T1 a viable camera for music photographers?

A couple of months I had to shoot the live show of Corner Boy for Red Bulletin Magazine, and because I could shot the entire show, I tried to bring my Fuji X-E1 alongside with my trusty Canon 6D, just to see how it behaves in such light conditions. While the AF was struggling sometimes and the white balance in some shots was completely off, a good amount of shots were pretty usable, even despite the kit lens, which is an excellent general purpose lens, but for not so much for gigs, or at least not for my standards, as I mostly shoot with only very fast prime lenses, no zoom lenses, and the slowest is the Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM. But despite a slow lens, and a camera not made for that type of photography it was pretty decent, still not usable for me, especially when you have only 3 songs, and that’s the 99.9% of gigs, and with a slow buffer and not that good AF it would make pretty impossible to use for a live show. 

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01 May '14
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Ham Sandwich @ Olympia Theatre

This band name might not be the best, even Bono Vox of U2 once suggested them to change it, but despite their fancy name, I think whoever has seen them live will confirm you that they are one of the best live bands you can find in Ireland. I've seen them countless times in the past years, and before entering the Olympia Theatre I knew it was going to be a cracking gig. And when they told me that I could photograph the entire gig (yes, you read well, the entire gig, from start to finish) it was like Christmas!
This gave me the chance to do more tests with the Fuji X-T1, with no rush I could take my time and swap in between the two cameras, my DSLR and this little beauty. I wish I could have a better lens, like the 23mm f/1.4 so I could compare it to my Canon 35mm, but I only had the kit lens so I had to adapt to it.
Anyway, as planned the gig was outstanding, and with this guys from Co. Meath you can't expect anything different, it's just a lot of fun, to see them and to photograph them.
Very good lights from start to finish, and a couple of times we got confetti too, which always makes the fan happy, and whoever is gonna clean after not so much. The band had some extra lights as well, which gave the extra punch to the already good venue lights.
The only downside of shooting the full gig is that at the end, in between two cameras, I got about 1500 photos to go through on Lightroom, with the result of a massive photo set on flickr with 55 photos! As usual down here you can find some of the best ones.

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