04 Jan '14
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My best photos of 2013, part I: Music

The new year kicked in a few days ago, even if the some of you are still writing 2013 on dates, and at this time of the year it's time to draw a line and look back at what I've done in the past year. I've done loads of good proposition, I have a couple of photographic projects in mind, but I'll talk about them in the future.
So as a first post of the year I wanted to post which, in my opinion, are the best photos I took in 2013. Initially I wanted to do a single big post, but unlike other music photographers who mainly shoot only music related stuff, I do plenty of other stuff, like landscapes, street, portraits, etc... But at the end I don't really see the sense on putting music, landscapes and other photos in just one post, it sounds like a mess to me, so I'm going to split this "Best Of 2013" post in two or maybe three posts, and obviously the first of them will be the live music one.
They are just a chronological order, to be fair with any of the artists and to have this post by the end of this year.

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26 Jul '13
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Foals @ Longitude Festival

As I said in my first post about this festival, I love Foals. I've already seen them three times before, and I already knew that they rock like hell. Amazing live band, and they get better album after album. And while other band could lose some of their power on such big stages like the one at Longitude, it's not their case. 10 people or 10 thousands doesn't really matter to them, and to photograph them it's always a win win situation. But this time was different, in a good way. In fact after we entered the first song, one of the event manager escorted us out of the pit, I was, alongside the other photographers, a bit pissed off as I thought "only one song and they kick us out? WTF?!?!" but then he told us that the band wants the photographer to enter at the last three songs. Yes, you read well, the last three. Why? Well according to him they say they are better to photograph at the end of their performance, and I couldn't agree more, as the end is always the best moment, but at least to me, it never happened before.
It was even better because at that time, about 8.15pm, ambient light starts to be less bright, it has a warmer colour, and the stage lights become more prominents, and the mix of these factors it gives us the best combination to shoot (or at least IMHO), where you don't have to use very high ISO (I shoot at 800 ISO) thanks to the ambient light, but the stage lights, that were a bit weaker earlier, now have enough power to give a better sensation of depth.
Another cool thing of this band, is the fact that the singer always get off the stage and tries to jump in the crowd. He does all the times, I think it's his thing, and I like it.
So what else I can add? Nothing really, great band to see, great band to photograph in one of the best moments of the day to photograph in general. So it's pretty clear that unlike the previous gigs took in the Heineken tent, these are pretty good.
The set is pretty big, 35 photos, so here I've attached only some of the best, but you can see the full set on my flickr account.

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28 Mar '13
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Foals @ The Academy

I have to admit it: I didn't like them the first time I've heard them, at all. But then I gave them a second chance and I quite start to like their music. Then a couple of years ago they played in Dublin, same venue, and when I enter the venue I was like "take some pictures, 3 songs and then get the fuck out". I was so wrong. By the end of the gig I was a fecking fan, and I hate this word. I even bought their t-shirt, can you imagine? So since then everytime they came to Dublin I was present in the pit :-)
But the first two times lights were okaaay, couple of nice shots, but it has been quite difficult to photograph them, and the Academy as I said in a previous post, it's a venue with good potentials, but sometimes you might end up shooting in the dark.
Thank to the prophets of Vulcan, this time they have good lights, with the right quantity of smoke that allows the lights to give you that sense of depth and tridimensionality. Again the only real problems was from the side LED lights, I know I've done 3 posts about gigs and I always mentioned that, but for music photographers these bleeding lights are just terrible.
I have to say that I mostly reused the presets I made for Bloc Party, as the light conditions were pretty similar, even if the gigs were in two totally different venues, so expect a similar look to that gig. Maybe a bit oversaturated than my usual, maybe too  much contrast, maybe I like to change sometimes, but I think they are decent shots, or at least I like them.
So, down here you can find some of the best shots, but you can see the full set by clicking here.

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