26 Mar '14
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Fall Out Boy @ Olympia Theatre

After three gigs shot almost in the dark, last week I finally saw the light with Fall Out Boy!
Ok lets make it clear from the start: their music is not my pair of socks, I'm probably too old for that kind of music, and I felt very old at the venue as the average age of the audience was probably 18. But, despite the fact that generally I wouldn't listen more than two songs of these guys, they are a really good band live, and what's more important for me, they are great to photograph.
In fact the reason I went to this gig was primary because I knew it couldn't be a dark one. Young (well not that much as the bassist is one year older than me) bands that play pop music is a guarantee of good lights, and I wasn't wrong as I got tons of lights.
I also have to say that last week I shot three gigs in a row, and they were all well lit, but I had to say that the Fall Out Boy ones was probably the most interesting to photograph for me.
There's nothing else to add from the photography point of view as it was a top notch gig for lights, very well lit, the band members move a lot on stage and they are pretty dynamic on stage, and it was just perfect for me.
Also there were no photo release bullshits to sign, which is another bonus, especially for bands of this level.
So, down here you can find some of the best photos I took that night, and on my flickr account you can find the pretty populated set (45 photos!!).

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