08 Jun '15
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Denmark: Legoland and other wonders

Last month myself, my lovely gf, and two good friends, we all went to Denmark with the main excuse to go to find a friend of us who recently moved to Copenhagen. And that’s the reason we sell to our parents, relatives, and not so close friends.
The reality is that we did go there, yes of course to see the beauties of that country, but mostly to go to Legoland. I can’t hide to you guys, I’m a big Lego fan. I have billions of Lego bricks, even if our house is not that big, and I seriously I have no idea where to put all those Legos, I keep buying them. So, as all of us already visited Copenhagen, we all decided to do a two day trip to Billund, which is exactly at the opposite direction of the danish capital.
It sounds like very far away, but in fact Denmark is not that huge, and at the end you can get there in less than 3 hours (roughly 250km), if you are not a photographer that wants to stop every 5 minutes, if you are a photographer it takes at the very least the double of that time, and you are a photographer as well, you know it’s true.

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22 Jul '14
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A weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark

I’ve always been a big fan of scandinavian countries, back in 1994 I was supporting Sweden at the World Cup (I still remember some players’ name). In 2007 I visited Stockholm, it was a great trip despite the fact it was freaking  cold, and it was May! Next week I’m going for a two weeks trip to another of the 5 scandinavian countries, Iceland.

But 5 years ago I bought the Lonely Planet Guide of Denmark, not because I was planning to go anytime soon to that country, but just because I knew one day I will. 
And that day arrived a couple of weeks ago, finally my first trip to Copenhagen! I didn’t really know what to expect apart from Lego and extremely beautiful people, I always heard different opinions about that city, somebody loves it, somebody else hates it. So far the closest encounter with that city was the airport back on May, but we did have only a couple of hours in between our flight connection, so we couldn’t really go anywhere, and you can’t judge a nation by just its airport, even if it might give you a rough idea about basic things, like the cost of the life.

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