25 Jun '15
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Canon 50mm f/1.4 VS Fujinon 35mm f/1.4: the battle of the normals

In the past year and half I was divided by two cameras, like a “ménage à trois” romance, on one site I had the old school guy, the Canon 6D, a solid full frame camera, that you can always trust, yeah it’s bulky and heavy, but it delivers stunning quality, especially at high ISO, I already have plenty of lenses with that, it’s solid as hell, with integrated GPS and WiFi. It’s the camera that you take when you need to get the job done, even if I’ll probably have a very sore neck because it’s essentially as heavy as a brick.
On the other side I have the new kid on the block, now a Fuji X-T1, until a month ago the Fuji X-E1, different cameras for some features, but similar in weight and size, so it’s the same story at the end. The Fuji mirrorless are small & light, which are perfect to carry around without the need to see a physiotherapist after a while, even the lenses are tiny compared to the Canon ones, and they still pack a very good IQ. Yeah, the AF is not as fast as the 6D, the High ISO performances are not that good as well (even if they are quite close until 3200 ISO), and the body is not as tough too.
At the end, you can’t really compare apples with oranges, these two cameras have different purposes in my opinion, in some cases the best camera for you is a DSLR, in some other a Mirrorless camera is the best fit for you.
But for a while I wondered, these two very different cameras, with two lenses with a similar angle of view, who is the best and who is the worst? Is the image quality of the big one always the best?

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07 May '13
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Canon 6D arrived!

Finally, after months of hesitation and after a billion of reviews and different opinions, I got  my brand new Canon 6D, my very first Full Frame camera, and despite my many doubt, about the body, viewfinder, SD cards, etc... I have to say that I'm really happy with this camera just after a few test shots. I'll probably going to do a proper review in the next weeks, especially with my other recent purchase, the Canon 17-40mm f/4 L USM, and I really want to see how is going to behave with that body.
Anyway, here there are a few test shots, nothing special, just random shots, but I've already noticed how good are the High ISO performances. The noise is really well controlled, there no banding at all, and in general the noise is really pleasant.
50mm - f/2.2 - 1/125 sec - ISO 6400

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23 Apr '13
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Beware the Canon Cashback

Last friday I've ordered my new wide zoom lens, a brand new Canon 17-40mm L USM, from Amazon.co.uk, and today after only 3 working days it's arrived and I already put in my backpack. I ordered on Amazon 'cause I kinda trust that site, they had the best price and I know that I could claim the Canon Spring Cashback, as indicated on the Canon site, which it supposed to give me back 100 euro from my purchase. I said "supposed", as I just got an email from Canon saying that, they regret, but they cannot approve my claim as I bought the lens from a third party.
Yes, when you buy a good on Amazon, most of the times you are not buying a good from Amazon, but from an affiliate of Amazon, the little name you see under the stock quantity. Most of you probably never noticed, but you better start to do it.
Apparently, Canon say that you can claim the cashback only if you by a Canon product sold directly by Amazon. Obviusly they don't state this clearly on the canon site but you supposed to read the less read document on the internet called "Terms & Conditions".
Oooh Canon, thank you very much to tell me that only after my purchase, thank you very much. But lets state a couple of points:

  • If you buy the lens in a actual shop, the price is is essentially the online price + the cashback, so what's the advantage of the cashback? To pay a good for the same price you can find it online?
  • Amazon.co.uk doesn't sell directly the lens above, you have to buy from a third party (and I've been checking the price for weeks), so Canon is saying that you can claim the cashback from an item that essentially cannot be bought.

So, after these two points, it's clear that the Canon Cashback is clearly a fraud, made only to tempt its costumers to buy one of their products, letting them believe that it's a "good deal" when is definitely not.

Dear Canon, I've been your costumer for years, my next step was to buy a new DSLR, a Canon 6D or a Canon 5D Mk III, thinking to do a good deal by buying in the next month using the cashback, but now I just feel fooled from a brand I used to love.
So, I'll probably buy a new camera, as I don't have any alternative unless I switch to Nikon, which I think is a pretty stupid move for me, but next lens? Sigma or Tamron, as they are both making some great lenses with reasonable prices, and they probably treat their costumers better than you do, dear Canon.

Best Regards

06 Apr '13
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Canon 6D vs Canon 5D Mk III

I've been thinking to move to Full Frame from a while now, and I still don't know which camera I should get, a not-that-amazing-but-cheap 6D or a top-notch-camera-but-expensive 5D Mk III. If the budget wasn't a problem, I'll go straight to the 5D, 100% viewfinder coverage, 1/200 of sync speed, plenty of cross-type AF Points, full magnesum alloy body, and so on. But the budget is a problem. Especially because apart the camera, I'll need to buy a good wide lens as well, as my beloved Sigma 10-20mm I use now will not work on a full-frame body, and as a landscape photographer I cannot live without a wide lens.
My wallet says "take the 6D", my hearth says "take the 5D Mk III", my bank says "What about changing hobby? Like doing nothing and give us more money?" my girl says "I don't really care, but what about you buy something to me instead? Like clothes?".
We will see, 6D, 5D Mk III, clothes, it's hard to say what I will buy in the next month or two. In the meanwhile if you have the same problem, you can watch this video from Matt Granger of PhotoNewsReviews which compares the two cameras, hope it helps!