17 Feb '19
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The new Camera Raw “Enhance Details” needs some serious tuning

Hyped by the news that finally Adobe fixed the years old issue with Fujifilm X-Trans sensor demosaicing that was generating artefacts with complex textures, like grass, rocks etc…, an issue that I’ve seen since my first Fuji X-E1 bought 5 years ago, I’ve updated my copy of LightRoom as soon I got home, and gave it a try with a few shots I took a couple of months ago. 
And it was… disappointing.
Not because the process didn’t fix the issue, actually it did, or at least in the areas that wasn’t affected by the new artefacts generated by the engine.

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15 Apr '13
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Lightroom 5 Public Beta available

Adobe just released the public beta for the next version of Photoshop Lightroom 5, which will bring plenty of new features:

Advanced Healing Brush

Radial Filter


The beta program will run through June 30th, and you can download from here.

Bear in mind that this is a beta version, so it's still far away from a finished product, and do not uset it in production environment!

(via MacRumors via Photoshop.com Blog)