03 Jul '14
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New gear: Lowepro Pro Runner 450 AW and Samyang 12mm f/2 Fuji Mount

Finally after months of abstention from shopping, today I decided to go to my trusty shop close to my office, Conns Cameras, and to "invest" some money on new equipment, and in particular I bought a new backpack for my camera and a new lens for my little Fuji X-E1.

The backpack in question is the Lowepro Pro Runner 450 AW, which is going to replace my old and not in very good conditions Lowepro Computrekker AW I used in the past 7/8 years. And when I went to the shop I already knew what kind of backpack I need: something that I can fit my DSRL and 5 lenses, some filters, a laptop + charger, and plenty of accessories like extra batteries, remote trigger, flashes, etc... So I didnt' really wanted anything smaller than my current backpack, but at the same time it had to fit the Ryanair hand baggage sizes. If you live outside Europe and you don't know how much Ryanair is strict with baggages, I can simply explain with four words: pain in the arse. Actually five words: BIG pain in the arse. So the Lowepro Pro Runner 450 AW was perfect for me, it's essentially the newer version of my bag, with the difference that it's a few centimeters deeper, which it gives me some more space for my longer lenses. Anyway hopefully I'll do a proper review of this bag in the near future, maybe next week when I'll be back from my trip to Copenhagen.

The lens I bought is the Samyang 12mm f/2 NCS CS (or also branded as Rokinon in the States) for my Fuji X-E1. I was looking for this lens since it came out recently, as it has the same angle of view of a 18mm on a Full Frame sensor, which is pretty wide, and definitely wider than the Fujinon 18-55mm I no longer own, as I sold it to buy this lens. Someone could thing that I'm totally crazy to sell that fantastic lens, and while I agree that it's a fantastic lens, I realized that I didn't use it for at least a couple of months, as it wasn't wide enough for me, and it wasn't fast enough for me, so I preferred to sell it rather than leaving it on the shelves. Going back to the Samyang, I love the fact that it's an f/2, allowing me to shoot when I don't have much light, and the fact that it's a 12mm you can easily shot at 1/15 of a second.

And now that I have this lens I can leave my Canon 6D with the Canon 17-40mm f/4 USM L at home, and travel light for a couple of days, allowing me to enjoy more my trip in Denmark. Obviously in Iceland I'll go with the pro gear and with lenses, filters, etc... but for just a weekend I didn't want to carry a couple of kilos on my neck. Anyway, hopefully by next week I'll have a proper idea of how good, or bad, is this lens, and I'll try to write a review about it, so, stay tuned!

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