07 Dec '13
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I'm selling my 7D and 50D [7D sold]

I don't generally like to sell my gear, maybe because sometimes I get too attached to these objects, maybe because I took so many good pictures with them, I don't really know if there's any logical reason or not, but I have to face that even if I still "love" them,  at the end they are still useful gear that are taking dust on my shelves because I don't use them anymore, and the more I wait, the more their value goes down. And even if part of me still doesn't like the idea, I don't see why I have to keep my old cameras on those shelves, and I better sell them, so at least someone else can use them. So, before putting them on adverts.ie, I wanna see if I can find someone else interested to by my old, but still perfect 7D, and the still good but not perfect 50D.


The 7D is in perfect conditions, I bought it in August 2011 on Amazon, the app Shuttercount says that it has done less than 70.000 shots, so the shutter has still a long life ahead, it has only very minor and superficial scratches on the top (see photos below), but apart from that there's nothing else wrong on that camera, I just don't use it anymore as I have the 6D now, and even if I think the idea of having a backup camera, I never really needed in the past months. It comes with the original battery grip, again only minimal scratches on the bottom as it was used with a quick release plate, but that's it. It's still a great camera with a great AF and it still kick asses to many of other newer cameras in the market. I'll also include the original batter, which still hold a good thousands shots per charge, and two CF Sandisk Ultra with 8GB of capacity each.
I have the original package and manuals, but I have them in Italy, but I'll bring back at the end of the month once I come back from my Xmas holidays.
The price is 800 euro, and I prefer to deal face to face, so whoever is interested can try it before buy it.
Down here some pictures of the 7D.


Then my old 50D. She is old, I don't hide that, and not as cool as the 7D, but it's still a good camera, and if you have a low budget and you want to learn photography, that's a bargain. Again it has minimal scratches, and the original battery doesn't certainly hold the charge as new, but you can buy new compatible batteries for a tenner. ShutterCount says it has done about 130000 shots. It comes with the battery grip as well, but one of the pins that holds the battery is broken, once you close the battery grip door is fine, it just pops out once you open it, apart from that it works fine. Obviously I'm not looking for the same price of the 7D, not even the half, but for 300 euro you can have a still great camera, and I'll include the original battery charger and two CF Sandisk Ultra with 8GB of capacity each (yes, I have plenty of CF). As said for the 7D, I prefer to deal face to face in Dublin area.
Down here some pictures of the 50D.

So if you are interested in any of these cameras, you can leave a comment down here, or you can email me at gear (at) musicphotographer.eu.

UPDATE: Now they are on Adverts.ie
Canon 7D
Canon 50D

UPDATE 2: The 7D is now sold!

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