15 Apr '13
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Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

Here we are, with the last day of our trip to Donegal, and Northern Ireland at the end, as we decided to drive a few extra kilometers and stop at the Giant's Causaway, probably the most famous natural attraction in Northern Ireland. I've been there before, but it was very late (never travel with 3 women, never) and it was pissing rain. This time was the opposite, apart from the wind which it seems to be quite constant in this place, so almost sunny, and with plenty of time, plus it was a good test for my brand new ND filter, the Lee Big Stopper (but I'll do a proper review about this yoke in the next weeks). The only real problem of this place is that it become too famous, while a few years ago there were almost nothing apart a small office, now there is an insane (shopping) center, which they will going to ask you a fortune to see (34 pounds for the four of us and the car), and obviously because it was easter, and as I already said it's a quite famous place, it was crowded from tourists (like us), especially some silly japanese which they don't really get the fact that you can't walk with high heels on these rocks.

But before the Giant's Causeway, we stop in a beautiful castle, the Dunluce Castle, really worth it the stop, even for the 5 pounds per person we spent, where I took tons of pictures, but at the end I didn't like one, so don't expect any pictures from this place.
You probably may expect tons of pictures from the Giant's Causay, but I have to say that I become quite picky lately, so I only have 3 pictures. Yes, only three, but what's the point to fill a set with average pictures? I prefer to put only the good ones. Plus it's quicker for you.
So enjoy these three pictures from the Giant's Causeway :D

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