03 Nov '13
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Day 6: Heraklion's old market & Matala

Last full day in Crete, so we spent the early morning by doing some silly shopping for my girlfriend, while I was taking some photos in the old market of Heraklion. I'm not really a big street photographer, I kinda like it, but not really into it, but I have to say that I took some interesting shots in that place.

So after my girlfriend fed the black market of counterfeit shoes and bags with good money, we headed to another famous beach in this island: Matala.
According to my girlfriend's cousin, who is living here for a few months, Matala used to be a famous place for hippies in the 60s and 70s, and they used the caves surrounding the beach as a perfect place to sleep after a long day of continuos copulations and song writing about flowers and other nice things.
Anyway, after Elafonisi, my standards regarding beaches suddenly became pretty high, and anything less than that reference would be "meh". Sirolo, one of my favourite place in Italy, once was cool, now it's boring.
To be fair Matala is really nice, but it's like a candy with a very nice package, but with a strange taste that you could like it or not.
The sand was full of of cigarette butts, and in my list of things I hate I can definitely say that cigarette butts are in the top 10. Also the sand has the same colour of an ash tray, and that didn't help, at all. I sincerely felt like I was walking on a big ash tray, and the other tourist treat it as a big ash tray, especially the british couple beside us.
Then the sea: the water was extremely clear, not like Elafonisi, but very very clear, but, it's very deep after a few meters from the beach, which is great if love to swim, but not so much if you can't, and that's my case. I never learnt how to swim and I will probably never do.

So, I can't swim, I can't really stay in the beach, what I could do? Well, lets go around with my camera.
Again, the consideration about the beach is personal, I hate cigarettes, some other don't, I can't swim, the majority of the population can, so while for me the beach wasn't great, for others could be a great place, especially if you are a hippie.
The village it's really nice, it's totally worth to travel to Matala only to see the market, and the various restaurants on the rocks surrounding the beach, you still can get a bit of the hippie mood in this place, even if it's totally functional as an attraction for tourists.

At the end Matala probably was the most interesting place to photograph for me, I'm not sure if I would ever return here as I think it's nice to visit it once, but the beach it's definitely not for me. Again, it's a personal consideration, some people like licorice candies, I don't.
Down here some of the photos I took that day, I think they are ok, especially the landscape ones as I wasn't there for the best time of the day, my beloved golden hour, and I don't really like to take pictures when the sun is high, but I did my best anyway.

Full set for Matala is here.

Heraklion Old Market

Full set for Heraklion is here.


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