12 Feb '15
22 Nov '14
17 Jun '14

Understanding your camera histogram

Histogram is the best tool to understand if a photo is correctly exposed or not, but often is the most ignored tool by photographers or aspiring photographers. Yeah, in most of the cases you can see with your eyes if the photo is well exposed or not, but the histogram can tell you quickly if there's something wrong that you might have missed on a quick glance. And there are situations where you can't simply trust what you see on the screen of your camera, for example on a very sunny day in summer, where is quite difficult to see perfectly on the screen.
In this video by John Greengo made for CreativeLive it simply explains how to read the histograms you can find in any DSLR or MILC.

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16 Jun '14

How To Care For Your Camera

Canon USA made this video to explain simple tips about maintanance, cleaning and system checks we should always do to our camera(s). Doing these tasks will help you to keep your lenses and sensor clean longer, and to keep your gear in the best conditions. Some of these might sound trivial, but they are essential, and many photographers I know keep forgetting these simple checks.

(via FStoppers via DPreview)

12 Jun '14

Tips for creating quality videos

I'm not a videographer, and I don't see myself starting anytime soon, but that's a very simple yet a very effective video, created by Filme von Draussen, that shows you some simple basics of how to create quality videos. It doesn't show you insane tips, but how to create the concept for a video and the basics of how to shoot it. And while the title of the video is How to Make a Mountain Bike Film, I think you can copy and paste the idea for almost anything you want to shoot.

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