09 May '13
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Adobe CC, why you cost more in the EU?

Today Adobe announced the new Adobe CC, which it stands for Creative Cloud, and it comes with new tools in Photoshop, some are the same shown in the beta of LightRoom 5, but today I don't want to talk about the new cool features, but about the uncool prices.
It's nothing new, the Creative Cloud is out from a year now, but I was kinda hoping that they review their prices, especially here, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.
I have to say that Adobe is really good to make softwares, but terrible with math. Now, in a normal market, if you buy one good, you get a price, but if you buy 10 goods, generally you get a discout, this is nothing new, I feel a bit stupid to talk about this very simple economic matter.
But Adobe� archived something that would make Apple a honest company compared to them. Remember that this is a software you download from the internet, it's not a physical good that you have to deliver and there is no extra taxation.
Now, lets do some math: in the US the Creative Cloud costs $49.99, and if you go to xe.com and translate this price to euro, the result is about €38.08 in the moment I'm writing. I can understand that this is not a fixed ratio and I'm not saying that Adobe should change prices every two minutes in countries outside the US, but I could say that maybe a price of €44.99 is a decent price that would be reasonable for both parts, clients and Adobe, No? Unfortunately if you live in Europe, if you want to have the same exact product, you will have to pay €61.49 a month, which is an extra 62% from the american price, not a 5% or 10% extra but a pretty huge 62%.
Someone said to me that we live in a free market economy and Adobe can do whatever they want with their price. That's true, but this doesn't mean that we (european) cannot complain about it, and a big company, like Adobe, should knows that the last thing they want is to screw clients from a market which is twice as big as the american one.
I know that Adobe is in a dominant position, Photoshop is the standard in photography, and there is nothing like Photoshop out there, or at least nothing as good as Photoshop, but dear Adobe, bear in mind that things can change, and if someone will come out with a product that is good as yours, but with better prices, it's just a matter of time that you dominance will fall apart.
And while we can still say that, for now, Photoshop cannot be replaced by anyone, can we say the same about other products? As a web developer I see that Flash is slowly fading out, AS3 has been released back in 2006, and I don't really see that Adobe is doing anything new on that front, Dreamweaver has a billion of competitors and it's hated by most of the web developers, and all the other softwares, Premiere, AfterEffects, and others can be easily replaced as well.
So Adobe, do you really want to screw your clients? It's a game that can work for a while, but on long therm it might be a bad, bad idea.
Don't do the same errors that Microsoft did in the past few years with their awful windows Vista, 7 and 8, which only gained new clients for Apple.

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