29 May '19
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Burrow Beach, Sutton, Dublin

Just the other day I was talking with some colleagues about the fact that I struggle to find new spots in the Dublin area, I thought I've visited every single decent spot to photograph here.
And if we talk about the south side it's probably true, I think I've covered every cool place, apart one that it's inaccessible as it's a private beach. Then last weekend I start to look again on the north side, especially around Howth, when I found some interesting features on a beach in Sutton that I never been before. 
And by staring at a satellite map sometimes it's kinda hard to figure out if the place is actually good, how it looks with the high tide, or with the low tide, and you see features that they are kinda hard to understand what they actually are, you see some squares of concrete, but they could be 10cm high or 10 meters. 
So I decided to go on Sunday, weather was "just fine", as it was partially clear but with heavy clouds coming from west, but worst case scenario I would have done some scouting, which is always good to do.
And at the end it was indeed a cool place to visit, there were some strange pipes going to the sea which I still don't know what purposes they served, and there were some odd blocks of concrete, again no idea what and why they were there.
I didn't take many photos, but I was quite happy with the result, and overall tones of the sea and sky kinda blended together in various shades of teal.
Anyway, I better shut up and post some photos here:


Burrow Beach

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19 May '19
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Red Rock Beach, Dublin

I discovered this place by accident, last summer when me, my girlfriend and a couple of friends decided to do the longest path of the Howth Cliff Walk, departing from Howth's train station, to Sutton, walking all around the peninsula, a good 18 km walk. I did shorter paths in the past, and while it's a fantastic hike to do, it's not that spectacular to photograph in my opinion. But this time was different, the longest path pass in some of the best spots in Howth, and one of them is Red Rock Beach. A tiny beach surrounded by rocks, and with one big rock in the middle. And even walking just after that you can see more beautiful views on the cliffs.
But at that time, the time of the day was wrong, in the summer afternoon, where the sun is far too high and shadows far too hard to make any decent shot, so I promise to myself to come back again there.
And so I did, the first time last December, on a very cold morning, where I had to walk half a hour in the complete dark on the cliffs (and that's why a good torch is the photographer's best friend) to get there just in time. The second time just a few weeks ago at sunset.
Down here you can see some of the best shots I took, and if you are in Dublin, and you fancy a long hike, I highly recommend this one, is not even a hard one apart from the distance.



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08 May '19
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Do you really need ND filters for long exposure shots?

This is a question I've been asking to myself from a while, and especially after I saw this video from Thomas Heaton a few weeks ago, where he says that you can get away without ND and graduated filters, but you can't replace a polarizer, as the latter cannot be replicated in Photoshop unlike the other two. And I agree with him for the polarizer, and for the Graduated filters, which is probably one of the few times where I totally regretted buying them. I was excited about those at first, but after a while I realized that they were mostly useless, as you can achieve better results just using bracketing in your camera and using the graduated filter in Lightroom.
But can we say the same for Neutral Density filters? Can just take some photos and then merging them together in Photoshop achieve the same results as a proper filter?

Since I've been started to do long exposures a long time ago, I always used ND filters, first I started with very cheap Cokin filters, which were terrible, very easy to scratch as they were made with some cheap resin, they made any photo on the magenta side, and just forget about sharpness, that one goes straight to the bin. 

Then I tried a variable ND Filter, the Light Craft Workshop Fader ND Mk II, which it did sound fantastic on paper, but again it was just a waste of money, you can read more about it here and here).

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