30 Apr '14
27 Apr '14
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Hermitage Green @ The Academy

I'm a bit behind with gigs here, so I better catch up! The band of today is Hermitage Green, one of the many new bands emerging from this green island in the past months. But the real reason why I went to this gig is not because I'm a fan of them, but just because I wanted to try a new camera I'm testing at the moment, the new Fuji X-T1! But I'll live the details of my impressions about this camera to a future review I'm going to publish in the next weeks. Anyway, the gig was pretty good, a bit crowded stage, with a not very usual band placement, as the drummer was on the right front side of the stage and on the back there were only the keyboard player and few amps. Which is good as I generally can't take many photos of the drummer as he's generally far on the back and covered by other band members, so finally this time I've some good shots of him!
The band didn't bring any additional lights, so only the venue lights this time, but as I said in the past, the Academy can be a bad venue to photograph or a very good one if the stage lights are well used, and fortunately this time was the second case.
There were a bit of smoke so it did help to give some depth to the lights, and the band itself was in general pretty good to photograph. So overall it was a pretty good, not fantastic, but good gig to snap, and I was well impressed by the Fuji X-T1 performances, despite the handicap of the kit lens (not exactly the best lens to photograph a gig for me).
Anyway, as usual down here you can find some of best photos, while by clicking here you can find the full set on flickr.

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16 Apr '14
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The Strypes @ The Academy

One of their songs is titled "You can't judge a book by the cover", and they probably did that song to all the people, like me, who tend to see only the surface of this band. It's a silly miscalculation I did, thinking that because they are young (very, very young) they can't be good. Yeah, on the record everyone can be good,  but on the stage? But as the guys from MythBusters, I love to be wrong sometimes. In fact the band is incredibly good on stage, probably too good, I can't believe they are still teenagers, and this makes me feel very, very old. So you kinda get that I really like the performance of these guys, but how is to photograph them?
Well, just great! They sound like someone freezed them for 40 years or more, and they you have the feeling that you are actually shooting a band from the 60s, they are really camera-friendly on stage, they do all the moves you expect from a band of this genre. Again, I still can't believe they are 18yo. The entire show is really well lit, even if the Academy in the past years hasn't been a very photographers-friendly venue, this time  was just spectacular, and the band itself brought some extra lights which it definitely improved a good base.
I highly recommend to photograph / see this band, they are simply great, and I'm not even a fan of that kind of music.
Anyway, down here you can find some of the photos I took that night, while on my flickr account you can find a very beefy set (51 photos!).

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09 Apr '14
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Photo Shoot: Extra Fox

As I said in a previous post, March was pretty busy on the music photography side, and aside the several gig I took, I also had the chance to photograph Extra Fox (briefly called Kuma Hana), which is the solo project of Neil Adams, one of the minds behind one of the most interesting irish bands emerged in the past few years: The Cast Of Cheers.
For the shoot I was thinking to several options, but a few days before the shoot I discovered a new place in Dublin, the Tivoli Car Park, right in the middle of the Liberties. I know that graffiti are a bit of a cliché, especially when the artist plays electronic music, but it is just because the mood of the graffiti fits perfectly with the type of music, so I decided for the cliché and to do the photo shoot there. Also during the shooting Neil told me that he lived there for a while, so he was in some way connected to that place, which is perfect for me as it create a bond between his music and my photos.

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05 Apr '14
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Paolo Nutini @ Olympia Theatre

After two gigs of punk-pop-rock-whatever I went to photograph something different, still pop, but with a much different mood: Paolo Nutini.
To be honest I didn't know a single song about this artist, I knew the name, I knew it was some sort of pop singer, and I thought he had good chances to have good lights and to be a good gig to photograph. I just heard a few songs a couple of hours before going to the gig, and while it's not exactly my cup of tea, I definitely can't call him a commercial "product", even if it's music it's pretty popular (especially between the gentle sex) he is a proper Artist, with capital A.
Light wise it was a bit less bright than what I expected, but still a very good gig to shoot. Obviously the main lights were pointed on him, but I can't say that the rest of the band was left in the shade, they were pretty well lit as well, maybe the only problem I can say is the fact that Paolo Nutini had two very warm spotlights pointed at him and I had to play a bit on Lightroom to make him less "warm" (I know that all the girls would like to say "hot").
Anyway, overall it's a really good artist to photograph, decent lights, and no photo release to sign, despite his popularity, which is always a really good thing.
Down here you can find some of the best shots, while here you can find the full set.

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