30 May '13

How To Sharpen in Photoshop

In this very interesting video, SLRLounge contributor Lauri Laukkanen is going to show us three different techniques to increase the sharpness of an image in Photoshop.
Personally I prefer the first one (and I guess is the same for Lauri), but I use slightly different settings, like I stay between 1 and 2 in the High Pass Filter, and then I used Overlay, but at the end the result is the same.

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29 May '13

Photo Release: The Who

This one is pretty standard, I still don't like it, but at least they don't grab any rights from the photographer, and adding in editorial use flickr, facebook and my site should cover what I need. Essentially they don't want you to use those pictures to sell gadgets or make money out of it, but that's it. To be fair it's a quite honest release, at least compared to other bands like Of Monsters And Men.

(via Music Photographers)

28 May '13
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Preachers Son @ Olympia Threatre

As I said before, I generally skip supporter bands, for many reasons but mostly because I generally arrive too late. But this time I got to the venue in time to catch the last few songs of the The Riptide Movement's supporters, an irish band called Preachers Sons. Lights were perfect, they were pretty good performers and quite good looking (especially the bass player), so I couldn't resist to take some pictures. And I have to say it turned out some good shots, and guess what? I'm going to show you the best ones :-)

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26 May '13
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Zucchero @ Olympia Theatre

I have to say that the only reason I went to this gig was to see an Italian playing in an irish venue, something that doesn't happen very often, as there are not many italian artists famous outside the "Bel Paese". Thankfully (for him) a lot of irish people still remember the song "Senza una donna", but as you can easily imagine the crowd wasn't that young, actually with my 33 years on this planet I felt very young that night, and it wasn't a big surprise to find out that at least 1/3 of the crowd were italians. But I'm not going to discuss about his music, I don't like it, and I left after the 3rd song, he is a good performer, he has plenty of people on stage that move and play around, and that's it.
The problem is because of his audience, and also because he can't really do a sold out on an irish venue, the show was a seated one, and for a photographer this is a big pain in the arse. Obviously no pit (as you would stay on the line of sight of the people, and that's pretty fair as they have all the right to see a show they paid without having someone in front of them with a bloody camera), so the only option is to photograph from the side aisles of the venue, and if you don't have a lens long enough, you are screwed.
Good thing I knew it, so I brought my 135mm L, and I was pretty safe. Lights were generally good, even if shooting from the sides you can't really play that much with lights, especially for me that I use a lot the backlit lights. So at the end I brought home some decent shots, not super happy, but still better than the average gigs taken from the aisles. Anyway, these are some of the best shots, but you can obviously see the full set on my flickr account.

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24 May '13
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Dublin Bay: part II

A few days ago I posted a couple of pictures of a place here in Dublin, that I never had the chance to visit, even if it's not that far away from where I live, and as I had to bring the car back the morning after, I tried to give me another chances, and I woke up veeeery early in the morning (4.30am) to get to the same place but at sunrise. Obviously the place was amazing, nobody around, the sea was super calm, and so far it sounds very promising, but as we say in Italy, not all the donuts comes with the hole. Infact, even if it didn't rain, it was quite cloudy, so no sun at the horizon, no contrasty sky, but all pretty flat. Only at a later time, around 6, the clouds started to break a bit, but while with my eyes it looked quite good, on the camera you lose that sense of depth, and what it looks great at the moment, it's not that great when you look the pictures you took on the screen.
Anyway, these are okay shots for me, but I wanted to show you anyway, let me know what do you think guys.

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