30 Apr '13

George Wilson composite by Matt Hernandez

I have to say that I found this videos by accident, but I'm glad I did it. These 3 videos are a very detailed tutorial that shows how photographer Matt Hernandez made his composite of the athlete George Wilson, from how he shot it, to how he extracted the subject from the original shot, how he shot the background, and then how it merged everything together to make a final image.

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29 Apr '13

A Tale of Two Meters

In this interesting video, Mark Vargo, who did work in several big movies like Deep Impact, Ted, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, is going to explain what are the differences between the incident meter and the reflective meter, and even if Mark is more focused on cinema, this is still useful for any photographers, especially when it comes to understand how to correctly expose a photo.

(via PetaPixel)

28 Apr '13
27 Apr '13

First photo with the new Canon 17-40mm f/4 L USM

Here we are, yesterday, thank to the decent weather, I went around the Aviva Stadium to take some test shots to see how my new wide lens behaves, nothing too artistic, just a few photos ot things. But on the way home I have to wait for the train to pass, so I took a snap, on the tripod but without any ND filters.

To be fair is an alright shot, for me it's a 2 out of 5 stars on lightroom, which is the minimum to be published for me, but still, it's the first good picture made with my brand new lens :-)
Expect and lens review in the next few days!

26 Apr '13

Photo Release: Yngwie Malmsteen

Here we are with yet another photo release, this time is Yngwie Malmsteen, and this time is far beyond ridiculous.
You are not allowed to use YOUR pictures for anything else apart the publication you are shooting for, and if you do it, they can sue you. Plus the artist can use YOUR pictures anytime they want, without give you a single cent.
Again, if you are a music photographer and you were thinking to go to photograph this "artist", stay at home.

(via Music Photographers)